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Title: Disturbia
Type: BD-50
Studio: Paramount
Release Date: August 07, 2007
Country: US
Region: ABC
Video: 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 (1.85)
Audio: DTS-ES Discrete 6.1: English
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, etc.
Bonuses: Audio Commentary, Subtitle Trivia Track, Featurette, Deleted Scenes, Music Video, Still Gallery, Theatrical Trailer
Photo by: Metatron

About: After his father's accidental death, Kale (Shia LaBeouf) remains withdrawn and troubled. When he lashes out at a well-intentioned but insensitive teacher, he finds himself under a court-ordered house arrest. His mother continues to cope, working extra shifts to support herself and her son, as she tries in vain to understand the changes in his personality. The walls of his house begin to close in on Kale as he takes chancesto extend the boundaries both physical and emotional - of his confinement. His interests turn outside the windows of his suburban home toward those of his neighbors, including a mutual attraction to the new girl next door (Sarah Roemer). Together, they begin to suspect that another neighbor is a serial killer. Are their suspicions merely the product of Kale's cabin fever and vivid imagination? Orhave they unwittingly stumbled across a crime that could cost them their lives?

Video: 3.5
Audio: 4.5
Supplements: 3
HD Bonus: 0
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